Sell Single Phase Multi-Tariff Electronic Energy Meter

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Main Technical Data:
1) Accuracy class: 1.0
2) Rated voltage: 220V 230V 240V
3) Rated current: 5(30) A, 10(60) A, 20(80) A , 10(50) A
4) Applications: consumed energy can be measured with different time periods
for different tariffs

Main Functions:
1) Measurement of 50Hz/60Hz for 1-phase active power
2) 4 tariffs and 8 time periods for user's option
3) RS 485 communication functions
4) Manual and remote control program, and remote-metering functions
5) To record the parameters automatically through CMRI

Salient Features:
1) High accuracy: 1.0 Class
1) High reliability: long operating life
2) Low power consumption, tamper-proof, light weight, small size and easy to install
3) Adopting SMT and re-flow soldering technology and has strong capability for
4) Technical property compatible with IEC standards
5) Tamper-proof meter box can be supplied for easy installation