Sell Single Phase Prepaid Energy Meter -DDSY1025

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Accuracy: Class 1.0 Class 2.0
Power Consumption: Less than 1W/6VA
Rererence Voltage(V) : 220V, 230V, 240V
Basic Current(A) : 1.5(6) A, 2.5(10) A, 5(20A) , 10(40) A, 20(80) A (extended current is available on request)
Operating Temperature: From -20 degree C. TO +55 degree C.
Relative Humidity: Less than 85%

Detailed information:
Main Usages:
Designed for timesharing electricity metering of new or reconstructed single-phase users. With prepayment function, it is particularly suitable to solve payment-collecting difficulties in residential area, organization, factories, mines and schools excite is preferable in promoting the management level at demand side, inducting the users to better power consumption style to improve power efficiency and electric sources collocation.

Main Functions:
1. Both-way electric energy metering. Provides precise positive-negative active energy metering and one-way accumulating. Used for power metering and advance purchase of AC single-phase current rated.
2. Advance purchase quantity, preset maximum load-limit and IC card password. IC card transfers data and realizes data including total consumption, remaining quantity, accumulated quantity and total purchases etc. ) backward reading.
3. Storage of leave-factory serial number, meter constants, initial data and the user' name and address etc. . .
4. Alarm and switch off when overload. Alarm at low remaining power to remind user of timely purchasing.
Supply Capacity
1,000,000pcs per year
IEC60687, IEC61036, IEC62055, GB/T17215,GB/T18460 and GB/T17882.
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Lead Time from Order to Shipment
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
Power Requirements
see above specification
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