Sell Single-Vertical Cycloid reducer

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Cycloid reducer is a poor use of KHV few teeth novel principle of planetary transmission gear. Its transmission process is as follows: the input shaft equipped with a 180-degree dislocation of the double eccentric sets, as are two eccentric put to the roller bearing arm, the formation of H, the two cycloid round hole at the centre which is eccentric upload sets of roller bearings Arm Road, and the needle round by the cycloid of meshing gears, gear components for the poor meshing slowdown in the body

The cycloid pin wheel decelerator is a up-date transmission machine designed with the cycloid pin wheel clenching and less teeth engagement mechanism. The products have been widely used in oil and chemical industry, building, mining and metallurgy, cranes, textile, engineer machine, foodstuff and electrical industry, and are well accepted by the customers. The feature are as following:

1. Large transmission ratio, for single transmission ratio range is 9-87, and for double 99-7569;
2. High transmission efficiency. The single transmission efficiency is over 90%;
3. Structure well-knitted, small volume, light weight, and high speed axle and low speed axle remain in the same axle, which makes it convenient for installing and disassembling;
4. Low noise when operating, overloading and heavy breaking sustainment;
5. Long service life.