Sell Single color Pad Printer(TY-M1)

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Model: TY-M1
Name: Single color Pad Printer
Brand: General TY series
Diameter of Cup: 60-140mm
Standard Diameter of Cup: 90mm
Printing Speed: 1400pcs/hr
Machine Size: 95*63*150cm
Standard Plate Size: 100x200mm
Max. Plate Size: 350x150mm
Weight: 170kg
Air Consumption: 5 bar
Control Voltage: 220/110V
Power Consumption: 50/60Hz

1. Use harden shaft bearings and defend from famous factory and to ensure that not easy to damage, greatly extend the life of the machine.
2. Automated computer control, flexible and reliable procedure.
3. High quality aluminum alloy is used to make structure solid and weight light.
4. Ink tray and printing head can be replaced to Multicolor, improve the flexibility of machine.
5. Each ink tray is rotational and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction, color accuracy, improve the efficiency of production.
6. With security plastic plate and cut emergency power system, meet international safety standards.
7. The height of each doctor blade is adjustable independently so that each steel plate can be scraped clean.
8. The head of machine can be adjusted and convenient to replace ink, pads, steel plate and parts.
9. Fully automatic doctor blade system can use Nylon plate or steel plate.