Sell Single-head Copy-routing Milling Machine

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Equipment Features
1) Compact structure and small volume.
2) The profile can be clamped pneumatically.
3) The copy template is easy to change and make, high efficient and wide applicable.
4) The machine can achieve continous processing.
5) The operation is safe and easy.
Technical Parameter
1) Working air pressure: 0.4-0.6 MPa
2) Air consumption: 30L/Min
3) Input voltage: 380V 50Hz(three line, four wires)
4) Input Power: 0.7KW
5) Copy scope: Vertical direction 90W290
6) Milling cutter diameter: #5, #8
7) Overall dimensions: 870mmW700mmW1500mm (long *Width * high)
8) Weight: 225Kg