Sell Single-phase Multi-function Static Watt-Hour Meter

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Technical Parameter and Specification:

Technical standard conforms to DL/T 614-1997 Multi-function watt-hour meter and DL/T 645-1997 Multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol (P. R. China) .

Technical Specification:
Item Technical Specification
Reference Voltage 220V
Rated Current 5(20) A, 10(40) A, 20(80) A
Reference Frequency 50Hz
Accuracy Class Class1.0, Class2.0
Voltage Range 220VAC120%
Reference Temperature(Degree C) 230120
Ambient Temperature Range (Degree C)
-100- +450
Limit operating Temperature Range
-200- +550
Relative Humidity (%) <=85%

Basic Functions and Features:
1. With 10 load-hours and 4 tariff rates for sharp, peak, shoulder, or off-peak time consumption;
2. 2 tariff rates systems;
3. Data storage capability:
i) Data stored include energy consumption, demands, and demand occurrence time in each months;
ii) Records of meter case-opening events;
iii) Records of power failure and power return incidents;
iv) Records of reversal power consumption value, occurrence time, and starting/ending time of the latest incident.
4. Metering and recording load and energy consumption profile with 24 points per day;
5. Display:
i) Large screen LCD display with 1 or 2 decimal fractions;
ii) Load region display: two LED lights displaying current load regions respectively (peak or off-peak load region) ;
6. Communication:
i) Infrared communication port provided for meter-reading when power failure (optional) ;
ii) 2 pulse output ports with light-coupled isolation (i. e. electricity pulse output port and second pulse output port)
iii) Communication Protocol: DL/T 645-1997 Multi-function watt-hour meter communication protocol
7. Time keeping accuracy: <=0.5s/d (at reference temperature) ;
8. With temperature compensation circuit for clock (optional)
9. Security Assurance: With dual password access protection;
10 Meter service life: more than 10 years;

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Supply Capacity
300,000units per Month
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