Sell Single-phase Oil-immersed Transformers with Rolling-core

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Features of the products:
The single-phase core is R type single-frame double-limb rolling structure, point welding in the layer and no tying is required. The core materials are cold rolling silicon steels. The limited deviation of silicon steel sheet splitting-cut: width is 0.2mm, cutting burr<0.03mm. The core is rolled continuously and has no seam. The width of R type core sheet guarantees that the core section is round. After rolling, the core is annealed to relieve the stress and to reduce the loss.

This product adopted hermetically sealed corrugated tank structure. The transformer oil is isolated from the air surrounded. So, the transformer oil can not absorb the outer moisture and the insulating strength will not be reduced. Because the oxygen can not go into the tank, the insulating material will not be ageing. The useful product life is extended.

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