Sell Single-phase Pilferage-prevent Energy Meter DDS1025-F

Single-phase Pilferage-prevent Energy Meter DDS1025-F You May Also Be Interested In: electronic design energy meter phase electricity public telephone watthour meter
Accuracy: Class 1.0 Class 2.0
Power Consumption: less than 1W/6VA
Reference Voltage(V) : 220V, 230V, 240V
Basic Current(A) :1.5(6) A, 2.5(10) A, 5(20A) , 10(40) A, 20(80) A (extended current is available on request)
Operating Temperature: from -20 degree C. TO +55 degree C.
Relative Humidity: less than 85%

Main Usages:
Characterized with long service life and free-maintenance operation, these products are particularly suitable for single-phase electricity users in residential areas in the city or countryside.

Main Functions:
1, Bi-direction electric energy metering. Provide precise positive-negative energy metering and one-direction accumulating.
2, Pilferage-proof(countercurrent pilferage, device pilferage and diffluent pilferage etc. ) . In spite of the above pilferages, DDS1025-F is also designed to prevent live-ground wire pilferage.

3, DDX1025 is a single-phase reactive watt-hour meter designed of special usage.

Main Characteristics:

1, High accuracy. All electronic design and built-in import metering CMOS chip; high accuracy, high sensitivity, high reliability, high overload endurance, low power consumption, small volume and light in weight; easy installation, convenient auto control and function expanding.

2, Long service life . With SMT technology and world famous, long-life components employed, its accuracy is not affected by frequency, temperature, voltage and higher order harmonic. Optional installation location. No adjustment is needed if it leaves the factory as complete machine. Checkout period can be extended. Thus the workload of Watthour Meter testing and checkout of electric departments is considerably reduced. Its reliability is obviously better than its similar.
3, Stable operation. Better stability for its wide range working voltage.
4, Low power consumption. Optimal design results in low power consumption. When used in wide range, network line loss can be reduced and power supply efficiency be improved.
5, Easy for function expanding. With modularized design and photo-electricity insulated impulse output, the user can easily extend its collective function by switch-in 16 line impulse collection station to make good use of local CATV net, GSM net, broadband net, public telephone net and radio or electric carrier wave network.
Supply Capacity
1,000,000pcs per year
IEC60687, IEC61036, IEC62055, GB/T17215,GB/T18460 and GB/T17882.
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Minimum Order Quantity
100 pcs
Power Requirements
see above specification
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