Sell Single-phase electronic watt-hour meter

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DDS566 single phase electronic watt-hour meter adopts LSI, latest micro-electronic technology & SMT technique, with advanced processing and simple structure and modern special IC chip to raise the meters dynamic working scope. Long-life and high-reliability components are adopted to ensure the long-term operation stability of the energy meter. It used for measuring rated frequency 50Hz/60Hz active energy with high accuracy and little power loss. DDS566 series Single Phase electronic watt-hour meter has the features of anti-tamper, high allowable overload & light weight etc. It is used as upgrade of induction meters
DDS566 series Single Phase electronic watt-hour meter conforms to the standards as follow: GB/T 17215-2002 (IEC61036-1996)
 Adopting special redundant design, long time aging with meter operation to avoid the early failure;
 Stable error, excellent linearity and no calibration needed within 10-year service life;
 Wide limit temperature range;
 High reliability, high precision under low load;
 Strong overload capacity to 6~12 times within the accuracy;
 Lower self-consumption, the power loss<=0.5W in voltage circuit;
 Excellent against tamper and fraud function;
 No deviation occurred under normal delivery condition, calibration is unnecessary before installation and random installation location;
 Good Electromagnetic Compatibility(EMC) ;