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An universal electronic maximum/minimum voltage relay RN-112 is designed for monitoring of tolerable voltage value and voltage existence with rated parameters 100B/ 50Hz and for electric curcuit switching in the protection devices and automatic equipment of the electric installations where the nominal voltage is more than 1000V.
The relay RN-112 (hereafter "the relay") allows users to adjust trip voltage settings and trip delay settings when the maximum/minimum voltage thresholds are reached. The relay provides three modes of operation:
A minimum voltage relay mode (the relay trips only when voltage drops below the minimum voltage threshold adjusted) ;
A maximum voltage relay mode (the relay trips only when voltage exceeds the maximum voltage threshold adjusted) ;
Symmetry operate settings mode (the relay trips when both the maximum voltage threshold is exceeded and the minimum voltage threshold is dropped below) .
The relay is a digital microprocessor device. The relay doesn't call for additional external power supply because it's self-powered by the voltage to be monitored.
The relay is connected in parallel to the mains supply to be monitored by the Input contacts "(1-1) - (2-2) ". For the mounting convenience the input contacts have common terminals, i. e. one connection point is the 1-1 terminals and another connection point is the 2-2 terminals. The relay has two groups of independent output contacts (3-4, 5-6) . In "dead" status (the relay is de-energized or it's not connected) the 3-4 contacts are closed and the 5-6 contacts are open.
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