Sell Single-tube Magnetic Fluorescent Light Fixture(for export)

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Have no flicker after ordering the bright light, it is real to attain green illumination of standard, protecting eye, economy energy.
The lifespan is long, comparing with common electronic light, it can appropriate adjustment electric voltage, real prolonged the lifespan of light!
Specially designed for exporting,
modern designed, noblest, fashionable,
be used in office, home, etc.

Single-tube Magnetic Fluorescent Light Fixture
NO. :DM004
quantity : 12(pcs)
TYPE : DM-8A/40 40W, 30 30W, 20 20W
size of package:
124.5W18W12cm, 94W18W12cm, 64W18W12cm
Condition of Goods
Model Number
20w 30w 40w