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[Product name and model]
Name: Single use centrifugal plasma separator
Set: centrifuge cup, plasma pipeline, blood collector and plasma bag

[Main structure, performance]
Single use centrifugal plasma separator consists of four parts: centrifuge cup, plasma pipeline, blood collector and plasma bag. The main structure of centrifuge cup consists of plasma collection set, seat of core shaft, upper seat of core shaft, seal ring, elastic seal bowl, fixed frame of core shaft. The main structure of plasma pipeline includes puncture needle, AC input tube, air filter (pressure monitor connector) , spiral U-shaped tee, blood filter, blood collection pump, blood collection line and two-port connection. The main structure of blood collection device includes needle tube, needle handle, hole, spring clamp, needle stand, protector and spiral needle stand. The structure of blood bag comprises bag, hose and two-port connection.
The product use ethylene oxide for sterilization. It is aseptic and pyrogen-free .

[Scope of application]
This product is applicable to PCS2 and DHJ-1 or other centrifugal single plasma collector with similar function. It is used for the collection, separation and return of plasma. It should be properly connected and installed before usage.

Centrifuge cup and plasma pipeline
Specification: XJFLQ1-350, XJFLQ2-350
Product use: For plasma-apheresis-collection, plasma-exchange therapy and RBC collection.
Product features: For plasma-apheresis-collection system of various types. All pipeline sealed system.

Blood collector:
Specification: 16G-Type, 15G-Type
Product use: For arteriopuncture of kidney dialysis and plasma apheresis.
Product features: Standard connector between the needle and the pipeline. Easy for change.

Plasma bag:
Specification: 600ml, 800ml
Product use: For plasma collection, storage and transfer.
Product features: Low-temperature frozen storage.
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