Sell Single-wall Corrugated Board Production Line

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Corrugated board production line generally includes the following parts: Mill Roll Stand, Pre-heater, Auto Splicer, Single facer, Overhead bridge conveyor, Multiple heater for liner, Gluer, Double facer, Slitter scorer, Cutter, Down stacker, Boiler and etc. The web paper is inputted by Mill Roll Stand, and after heated and regulating the moisture by the pre-heater, the paper is put into the Single Facer for shaping and then conglutinating with another top paper to form a single corrugated board. The single corrugated board is then transmitted by the overhead bridge conveyor to multiple heater to be reheated, after this the paper is to double facer for being heated and jointed, herein a continuous corrugated board is formed. Being longitudinal slitted and pressed by Slitter scorer and accurate transverse and longitudinal cut by Cutter, pieces of square corrugated boards are finished, which are piled up and counted by the Down stacker. The finished products of a complete corrugated board production line are finally put out by down stacker. We can provide all kinds of configurations for the production line as per the specific requirements of the customers.