Sell Single-wall Corrugated Board Production Line

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This finished product, single wall corrugated board, is mainly introduced as inner packing material. It can be also used as outer packing material for light or small-sized commodities. Four flutes A, B, C and E as well as special customer-tailored flutes are provided. Steam heating system and oil heating system are optional (but oil heating is not suitable for line with speed above 100m/min) . The standard three ply line is made up of
1. single facer (1 set)
2. mill roll stand (2 set)
3. preheater (optional in case of speed below 120m/min)
4. conveying bridge (1 set)
5. glue machine (1 set)
6. double facer (1 set)
7. slitter scorer (1 set) (thin-blade or flaring slitting tool is optional)
8. cut-off (1 set)
9. stacker (1 set)
Speed of 80m/min, 100m/min, 120 m/min, 150m/min or 180 m/min is offered to meet customers requirement.