Sell Six-colored Curved Offset Printing Machine

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Main usage :

This machine adopts convex printing, printing two-side colour words and patters in the surface of plastic products(circular cone) with offset method, and it can print six-colour pattern in one time.
This machine is widely used for printing beverage, sour milk, ice cream cup, canteen and other plastic production efficiency.

Performance :

MXDY-6B type six-colour surface offset printer adopts advanced technologies at hom and abroad, have great innovation in design, manufacture and make-up, making the machine flexible, convenient and stable in operation, use and maintenance.

1. This machine adopts the part falling down into cup and electrical heating treatment before printing. The printing trace is clear and firm.

2. Main motor adopts three-phase frequency conversion speed adjustment, synchronous belt drive and stepless speed adjustment, smooth operation and no noise.

3. Adjustable ink supply, the ink roller is easy to adjust, so the ink supply is convenient and ideal.

4. The positioning spring automatically adjusts installation of printing board, convenient and easy to operate.

5. Printing roller has a cantilever which is convenient and simple.

6. The receiving cup is automatically operated:UV solidification, automatic counting and safety and reliabiliy.

7. This machine can form four or five colours type for your selection.