Sell Six-speed rotating viscometer

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It can measure all kinds of technological parameter, and issue liquid behavior in the course of flow according to curve, which make more precise measure for NonNewtonian fluid. It is used in research and analysis of drilling parameter, and at the same time, it has characteristics of convenient operation and precise test.

Electric Power 220V15% 50Hz
Motor Power 7.5W/15W
Motor Speed 750/1500r/min
Transmission range 3, 6, 100, 200, 300, 600r/min
Speed Gradient 5, 10, 170, 340, 511, 1022s
Measuring Accuracy 1~25Mpa s11Mpa s(Newton Fluid)
25Mpa s以 上 14%(Newton Fluid)
Viscosity measuring range Newton Fluid:1~300Mpa s(F1 Measuring Components)
1~60Mpa s(F2 Measuring Components)
NonNewton Fluid:1~150Mpa s(F1 Measuring com ponents)
1~30Mpa s(F2 Measuring com ponents)
Shearing Stress:0~153.3Pa(F1 Measuring Components)
0~30.7Pa(F2 Measuring Components)
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