Sell Skin Brush Clean Skin Beauty Instrument

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1. Feature:
Limitless gear change mechanism

2. Function:
1. Clean face.
2. Brush skin.
3. Clean skin.
4. Rub nail.
5. Massage.

3. Instruction Procedures:
1. Before the operation, first vapor skin to complete clean.
2. Use the scrubber machine to rid of all impurities in the deep pores of skin.
3. Use distilled water to clean the treated area.

4. Caution:
1. Electricity is 220V/110V
2. Insert the electricity cable into the plug then turn on the power.
3. Start using at the smallest volume and adjust to appropriate level according to skin condition and type.
4. Not to be used in Washroom.

5. Specification:

Volt. Power Hz. Temp. G. W. Size
220/110V 40W 50/60Hz. 5-40˚ C 2.5kg 34*28.5*22cm