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Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator
Ultrasonic beauty treatment is applying the physical functions of ultrasonic to human bodies. Mainly, the ultrasonic beauty treatment has three functions: mechanic function, warming function, and chemical function. With these functions, the ultrasonic treatment can eliminate scarves and acnes, block the melanin, and prevent the skin from wrinkling.
Our Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator contains all the functions just like the original ones.
 Basic Design
The high frequency produced by the Ultrasonic Beauty Stimulator could vibrate 1,000,000 circles per second (1M Hz / Sec) and produce a delicate massage into the skin layer (3cm below the skin) . The following are effects of applying ultrasonic on cosmetic:
1. Having one million vibrations per second could stimulate deep inside tissue, accelerate the blood circulation and metabolism, and revive the cells in the tissues.
2. High frequent vibrations would subdivide the cosmetic molecules into micro-molecules to help nutrition penetration and provide fast absorption by newly developed skin cells.
3. By deep vibration with high frequency, ultrasonic for conducting massage on the body and face would achieve the following purpose on cosmetic:
a. dissolve melanin and freckles
b. remove wrinkles
c. expel scraps and clean skin pores

Main Function:
1. To soften thrombus and to remove erythema.
2. To cure acne or other nodule.
3. To remove the scar and abnormal skin color.
4. To cure and prevent the skin wrinkle and extravagated blood.
5. To enhance the skin quality.
Brand Name
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
25 days
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
1,000 pcs
Power Requirements
100/110/120/220/240 Volts
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T/T or L/C at sight
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