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skinergy professional

Against pigment spots like age spots and freckles

Powder Foam Mask
Spray foam mask

For face, decolleti and hands


Sunlight causes the production of melanin in the skin exposed to the sun. This very often desired effect can also lead to the formation of age spots or freckles due to a surplus of melanin produced in the skin. This only happens on skin areas exposed to the sun like face, hands or dicolleti. The enzyme tyrosinase is essential for the production of melanin.

Clinical Effect

skinergy leads to the disappearance of pigment spots like age spots or also freckles. This is not an immediate effect but takes some time. On average a use over 3 or more months leads to a more or less complete disappearance of the spots. In addition, the skin will feel very smooth, clean and rejuvenated.

Furthermore the skin may turn slightly warmer. This effect reflects the stimulation of the blood flow in the skin which enhances the cleaning and peeling effect of the thermo foam mask.
The advantage of skinergy over the competitive products also claiming the indication age spots is the speed of action. The competitive products exert a rather incomplete effect over a substantially longer time. On average a treatment of 6 months is necessary to achieve a satisfactory result.
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