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Inventors of the Fire-retardant flying paper lantern. Light the fuel patch, wait till sides are hot to touch and release. The lantern rises and glows in a brilliant orange colour. Simply surreal.

Originally invented 1, 800 years ago, our workers take great pride in carrying on this tradition, in a new and safer manner. The invention of the Fire-retardant flying paper lantern is the most important innovation for this industry in 1,800 years. Being the inventor as well as the first factory to mass produce the fire retardant lantern, we have set the quality standards for the industry. These standards are the reason we have successfully introduced these lanterns into Europe and North America. Regular paper lanterns fly well (they are not heavy) but can easily ignite while launching. Fire-retardant lanterns are much heavier, easier to rip and difficult to make. Tedious research and development have led to this invention and ongoing experience has fine-tuned it.

Now in 2007, the same producers that caused lanterns to be banned in some Asian countries (due to poor quality leading to unnecessary fire risk) are offering their lanterns to the Western world. Tactics like, linking to our existing customers (pretending to be us, Hunan, ) to copying our website pages are becoming all too common. Clever as these ideas are, the true result is liability will fall on the importer for their inferior and often dangerous goods. If your supplier does not have a Western accent and uses poor English grammar, you are at risk. Many importers have made this mistake and destroyed the inferior lanterns rather then risk selling them to the public. We have, and will continue to prosecute everyone who steals our pictures and/or produces our patented lanterns. We will continue to seize goods through the power of copyright and patent laws regardless where and who has broken the law. We will protect the Sky Lantern industry at all costs to ensure this item maintains a safe track record in Western markets.

This is not a regular product, where defects lead to returns. If these items are defective, the defects lead to liability suits and fires. Do not cut corners on safety. All of our lanterns are guaranteed to fly and are guaranteed to be fire-retardant. Contact us for details and reference customers. If you are an end user, insist on MH lanterns, contact us for referrals.
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38~60cm Dia 108 H
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ASAP or 30+ days
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