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Direct from the manufacturers, our fantastic handmade Sky Lanterns/Balloons also known as Fire Lanterns, Kung Ming, Khoom Fay, Khoom Loy or UFO Balloons are handmade in Northern Thailand.

These high quality lanterns can be used for all occasions, ideal for WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS, PROMOTIONS, BBQ'S, PARTYS, ETC. They are easy to use and come complete with simple to follow instructions. It is believed that releasing a Lantern offers good luck sending one's sins and bad luck into the air, high into the sky.

Our lanterns are made out of rice paper, non toxic wax and bamboo.

Simple to use, just;

Attach the fuel cell
Extend the lantern to its full length
Light the fuel cell
Wait for the hot air to fill the lantern
Release and Enjoy!!!!!

Please note our lanterns are the truly original item and are not made from cheap plastic bin liners. Our Lanterns burn longer with new improved fuel cells.

These lanterns can been seen for miles away!!
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Sky Lantern size approx: Width 20 inches (50 cm) , Height 31 inches (80 cm)
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