Sell Skylight antioxidant wax

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Functions of product:
The general surface of metal or the electroplated surface layer tends to contact with the water molecular in the air and be oxidized if exposed for a long period in the air, which not only results in a bad appearance, but also affects the service life of the product.

The newly developed nanometer technical product[skylight antioxidant wax] is one magic antioxidant product by utilizing its [physical and chemical property]. This nanometer material by nanometer technology can fill in the pores in the metal surface or the electroplated surface, and consequently it can effectively isolate the air and water molecules to prevent the metal surface and the electroplated surface from oxidation.
If coating [skylight antioxidant wax] on the plated surface, not only can pollution and corrosion be avoided, but also the blooming of the surface can be enhanced.
For the wares in pure copper, pure silver, white iron or with plated surface whose surfaces have been oxidized, this product can erase the oxidized layer on the surface and prevent further oxidization if used continuously.
Operation guide:
1. It must be swayed evenly to eliminate deposits before use.
2. The [skylight antioxidant wax] can be taken with cloth or paper towel to lay on the surface of the object and painted evenly, then rubbed with dry cloth after being kept still for 2 minutes.