Sell Skype Gateway , USB Gateway, USB-GW2

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Purpose:Skype Gateway transfer VoIP-TO-PSTN
Peculiarity: Call forwarding, recording, voice-mail, magic voice
Packaging: negotiation
Function Features:Support Skype VoIP platform (including SkypeOut &SkypeIn) .
On regular phone, input the speed-dial number to dial the corresponding.
Skype contact.
On regular phone, using SkypeOut & SkypeIn to dial-up & switch-on.
On regular phone, through PSTN line to dial-up & switch-on .
When PSTN switched to VoIP, you can dial up anytime anywhere, basic on the protecting password.
When VoIP switched to PSTN, you can set phone number or mobile number, then you can listen any VoIP incoming.
Leave message in voice-mail box, you can set greeting in record-answer machine by setting your computer and phone.
Record communication, memory it secretly.
Built-in USB sound card, use DSP tech, effectively reduce noise, cancel echo.
The same ring tone of the two line.
Support DECT , 2.4G ,900M , and other cordless phones.
Support phone group and PABX , realizing internet phone system.
Automatically check and measure , and switch-on between the two line.
Stating light LED.
Easily realize the communication of PSTN-to-PSTN, PC-to-PC, PC-to-PSTN, PSTN-to-PC.
Supply Capacity
5000 Units Per Month
Model Number
Minimum Order Quantity
100 units
Terms of Sale
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