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With this revolutionary Skype Phone Box, you can make crystal-clear Skype real-time calls to anybody, using your regular phone to chat with your existing PC instant chat software (e. g. Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger) for connectivity. There is no need for a separate microphone or speaker.

If you have been using your PC to make "live chat" before, you may have notice an echo effect caused by sound leaving your speakers and entering your microphone. By using this Skype Phone Box, this problem will disappear. It sounds and works exactly as you would expect with a normal phone call.

The Skype phone box is easy to use and works with any standard PC. No extra software is required. You simply connect it between your phone and PC, and Phone Box is ready to use.

Key feature:

7 Plug-and-play

7 No additional power supply required

7 Echo free

Before connecting the phone box adaptor, please make sure that the computer has a broadband connection and installed Internet Chat software.

1. Disconnect the telephone cable from the telephone side and plug it into the phone box adaptors Line-in port. (As per diagram on the VOIP Smart Box)

2. Connect the extension phone cable (supplied) to the telephone line-in port (connects to where the line-in was removed from in step 1) , and the other end to the phone box adaptors Phone jack. (As per diagram on the VOIP Smart Box)

3. Connect the audio cable (RJ-11 jack - clear color) to the phone box adaptors PC sound card port (Audio cable supplied) .

4. Connect the audio cables jack(Black) to the computers speaker output port.

5. Then connect the audio cables jack(Red) to the computers microphone port.

6. Installation Complete

If your telephone has been connected correctly it will function as normal.

Instructions for Internet Chat using your regular fixed line telephone:

1. Connect to other parties using the internet chat software. (Not Provided)

2. Lift the handset and press the top button on the VOIP Smart box adaptor to begin the conversation.

3. To end the conversation, replace the handset and disconnect the other party from the internet chat software.


Incoming call from a fixed line during an Internet chat conversation:

To answer a fixed line call during a internet chat conversation, press the top button on the VOIP Smart box to answer the fixed line call.

Incoming chat request form the computer during a fixed line conversation:

To start a conversation using your computer, press the VOIP Smart box button to start the conversation with other computer user.