Sell Skype phone with Mouse capabilities

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With high quality USB audio feature, this optical USB skype Mouse can also be used s a Mini computer Hi-Fi speaker to play music, Moreover, when you flip the cover of the mouse, the fully functional keypad and the LCD screen inside can help you make/reveive Volp calls even easier, No doubt it is the best PC companion for you to surf the internet and enjoy various popular Volp services.
* Crystal clear sound quality.
* 48KHz sampling rate
* Supplied earphone to protect your privacy.
* Auto detection between mouse and VolP phon.
* Monochrome 128*64 pixel LCD with backlight , Supports all kinds of languanges.
* VolP contact list , call list , call history, time , and caller ID display on LCD screen.
* Hands-free speakerphone function.
* Various chord music ring tones catering to diffrent tastes.
* Fully functional keypad and LCD screen enables you to mak/receive calls without using keyboard and mouse.
* Rings loudly on an incoming call
* Acoustically isolated earpiece and micrphone to eliminate echo.
* Full-duplex communication with crystal clear voice.
* CD drive included