Sell Sleeping Bags

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Size: 170cm 190cm
Q/TY in pieces: 2,000 3,000

Detailed photos could be sent by e-mail upon request.

Specification / Construction Details
A) Materials
1. Nylon fabric.
2. Nylon fabric with PU coating.
3. Zipper.
4. Olive green tapes.
5. Polyester wadding.
A1. Nylon fabric
1. Colour: Olive Green
2. Weight per square meter in grams: 60
3. Colour fastness rating: To mild was min. 4, to rubbing min. 4, to sunlight 5 min.
4. Nylon filaments: Nylon 66 or 6 fibres (continuous filaments)
5. Antistatic treatment: Permanent and uniform treatment throughout the fabric
A2. Nylon fabric with PU coating
a) Colour: Olive green
b) Weight per square meter in grams: Only the nylon fabric 87. With the PU coating 135
c) Colour fastness rating: To rubbing min. 4, to sunlight 5 min.
d) Nylon filaments: Nylon 66 or 6 fibres (continuous filaments)
e) Polyurethane coating: The fabric after dying is coated with a layer of Polyurethane on one side. Coating is achieved by the application of one layer of transparent paste (e. q. IMPRANIL C, IMPRANIL TH and ethyl oxide) and then two layers of the same paste with the necessary colouring additives. Coating must be inert to tetrachlorocarpons, diesel oil and white spirit solvents.
A3. Zipper
a) Size 170cm has a zipper of 145cm length.
b) Size 190cm has a zipper of 165cm length.
c) The zipper has a double face slider.
A4. Polyester wadding
a) Weight per square meter in grams: 200
b) Number of panels with polyester wadding: 2
c) The wadding has a satisfactory resilience.
B) Construction
Relative photos of finished product could be forwarded by E-mail, upon request.
C) Packing
Every sleeping bag is packed in a nylon transparent packing bag and then 6 such bags in a strong export carton.
Each carton sizes are 74cm x 40cm x 55cm and the gross weight is about 20 kilos.