Sell Slewing Jib Crane

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Conventional configuration:
1) Installation site altitude does not surpass 2000m. When the altitude surpass 1000m, the motor's capability must be checked.
2) Working ambient temperature: -200C~+400C.
3) The flammable, explosive and corrosive gas must not be existed in the crane's working ambient.
4) It's not suitable for lifting blazing and melting metal, toxicant and flammable and explosive things.
5) Used in workshop, warehouse, assembly, depot, etc.
6) Load: 0~10T
7) Lifting height: 2~10m
8) Effectual semidiameter: 2~10m
9) Velocity of whirl: 0.5~1
10) Capability of whirl: random angle (0~360 degree)

The technique parameter is provided on our web site just for reference, and the exact
parameter of our product according to the contract.