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Sliding Valve Vacuum pump: This equipment is a double stages pump for evacuating air from a hermetical chamber to obtain vacuum condition. It is a new generation of vacuum pump improved on the basis of rotary vane pump against adverse condition such as dusty condition. With unique oil path and drainage structure, it can be used in a more extensive range to evacuate air containing some dust. Its drainage structure makes it possible to conveniently operate only by opening the drainage sealing board, no need to remove the pump from vacuum system.
It can be used for vacuum obtaining, drying, melting, degassing & molding in electronics, food, chemistry and architecture industries, etc, can serve individually or as a fore pump of pressure-increasing pump, oil-diffused pump and molecular pump.
Its main technical data attached herein for your reference.
Example: Model H-150 Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump
Operation & Application:
H-150 Sliding Valve Vacuum Pump is a volumetric mechanic vacuum pump which is used to evacuate air in hermetical chamber. It is lubricated and sealed by pump oil and can displace gases that have not chemical reaction with oil. Coupled with ballast equipment or subsidiary device, it can also draw condensable, dusty and metal-corrosive gases.
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