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!Improve your health by drinking ionized water!

You can make Alkaline ionized water (pH 8.6) easily from tap water. Also you put it into a vacant PET bottle.
This small equipment purifies bleached tap water to delicious alkaline ionized water. You can use a usual drinking, cooking, also for others.

70 % of human body consists of water.
Good-balanced ions in human body promote activity of cells, for which metabolism is highly important.
Human of today have many factors of inclining the body to acid: meal, smoking, drinking alcohol, air pollution, stress etc.
If your body inclines to acid, function of cell metabolism doesn't work well. There your body pile up body waste products, stuff the circulation of the blood, get indigestion, so you easily get tired and your skin become rough.
Moreover it is known that the number of active oxygen increases in your body. This substance promotes aging and it is cause of liver spots, wrinkle, diabetes and cancer.

By drinking alkaline ionized water, liquid in your body neutralized and active oxygen is stabilized, so that the activity of cells becomes better. In addition to that, owing to its surface-active function, excess of fat or waste matter is ejected from the system.
Molecules of alkaline ionized water are smaller than normal tap water, so they are easy to permeate into your cells.

Benefit of drinking alkaline ionized water:
Increase intestinal circulation
Prevent intestinal disorder
Keep the skin in good condition, owing to its diuretic effect and anti-aging effect
Decrease possible arteriosclerosis caused by hi-cholesterol level blood.
Stabilize active oxygen and make it harmless, which can damage healthy cells in your body
Decrease odor of your body.
Help weight loss

What important for making better constitution is to drink alkaline ionized water every day.

To feel the effect for losing weight, you need to drink 2 liter ionized water in a day.
If you find it a little difficult, try from 1 liter, and for tea or coffee you use the water and you can drink water increasingly day by day.
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