Sell Slimming Massage Belt

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SERIES: massage belt
Color Box: 39*12*17.5cm
CARTON: 74*40*37cm
The swaying waistband is a kind of high-tech powerful fat dissolving device, which integrates
microcomputer technology and high efficiency vibration mechanism. The internally-allocated powerful 755 model strong power motors provide the dynamic force for fat dissolving, which can vibrate the surplus fat in the body at high frequency of 200 t/s. The swaying vibration with large arc will make the human body carry out sympathetic vibration and accelerate the blood circulation of the body, speed up the metabolism and achieve double effects of fat dissolving and body slimming. The microcomputer automatic work mode is set inside the product, which can gradually enhance the movement intensity of the product, and with the automatic direction change fat dissolving mechanism, it will bring more comfortable feeling for users. Also, the movement intensity can be manually regulated to meet various demands.

3024PCS/20", 6252PCS/40" CE

* Microcomputer controller with large-scale integrated circuit inside it
* One powerful 755 model motor provide movement power.
* Strong power and high speed fat dissolving
* Speed regulation at multiple levels, and the intensity can be regulated freely
* Work modes such as microcomputer automatic regulation and manual regulation