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Efficacy: cool massage, slimming Gengshuang!,

American Fiber Body Massage Gel, contains large amounts of pepper distillation composition, Propolis Extract, ginger, seaweed essence and other natural ingredients co-direct moisture to the skin, shrink, promote perspiration effect, promote blood circulation, in order to achieve shrink fat weight loss of function.

Ingredients: amino acids and glycerin moisturizing ingredients, oceanic plastic protein, Tang Xin son, seaweed, grapefruit, lime flower.

Usage: can be used for coarse and fat accumulation of body parts (wrist, arm, waist, lower abdomen, buttocks, thighs) from bottom-up approach massage.

Note: Use only 15 minutes after the burning of a sense of re-use can not be too much, because of different skin burning feeling is also different.

Recommendation: Use products massage, coupled with an appropriate amount of targeted local campaigns, the effect is more prominent.

Remind: Now it is hot, the proposed MM who do not use plastic wrap to avoid causing skin discomfort. Just one can easily lose weight, 2 to consolidate no adverse consequences.

Capacity: 80 grams'

Storage method: sealed in a cool dry place

Shelf life: 36 months
Supply Capacity
10000 pcs/month
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