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Plastic slip sheets are sheets of thick plastic with a 3-6" lip (referred to as a pull tab) on one or more sides that are handled using specialized push/pull attachments mounted on fork lifts trucks. Slip sheets cost about 85 percent less than wood pallets, less space is needed for storage and in transport(1/120 than the wood pallet) , and the lightness reduces transportation costs(1/15 than the wood pallet) . Also, plastic slip sheets are environmentally-friendly being fully recyclable in a closed-loop system, where old slip sheets can be recycled into new ones.

Slip Sheet Advantages:
1) Moisture and bacteria resistant
2) Non-porous-no bacteria growth or insect larvae
3) Superior high tensile strength (pull resistance)
4) Hygienic cleaner platform
5) Maximize Shipping space
6) Maximize warehouse space
7) Less expensive than wood pallets
8)100% reusable and recyclable

Sheets size can be customized
Material: made primarily of recycled high density polyethylene HDPE

Our slip sheet bear tensile strength > 2,400 PSI & elongation > 250% . Different
coefficient of friction for top & bottom, top surface the COF is greater than 0.5 for products stability & not moving when operated & during transportation, bottom
side COF are not more than 0.3 for easy handling on the ground surface.
Lead Time from Order to Shipment
2-3 weeks
Terms of Payment
T/T, L/C, D/P