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The series of YB hydrolic pumps with ceramic pistons are mainly composed of oil hydrolic system, the cast cavity, oil jars and alumina ceramic pistons which are high wear-resistant. The pump body can be made of cast iron or stainless materials according to the different conditions in which the pumps are used. YB hydrolic pumps are divided into three types. They are high pressure pumps, low pressure and large flow volume pumps, and flow-variable pumps . The high pressure pumps are suitable for pumping slurry to a long distance or a high place(It can send slurry to 20 meters height) ; The low pressure and large flow volume pumps are normally used to send and transport sludge in large volume; The flow-variable pumps are normally used with filter press or filtrators. This kind of pumps can automatically vary the flow and pressure according to the filtration density.

The series of YB ceramic piston pumps are mainly used to transport ceramic sludge, coal water sludge, clay slurry and other mineral sludge. They can also be used in food industry, chemical industry and electronic component and magnetic materials industry.
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