Sell Small, powerful air cleaner

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Small, powerful air cleaner in the world.

This air cleaner emits more than 980 thousand negative ions.

- Removes substances that cause the new house syndrome.
Removes and disintegrate harmful substances such as toluene and formaldehyde which cause
indoor air pollution and new house syndrome.
- Anti-bacterial function
Removes various bacteria such as staphylococcus, bacillus, fungi and shigella dysenteriae.
- Anti-odor function
Removes all kinds of odors including restroom odors and food odors.
- Promotes healthy life style
This air cleaner generates a lot of negative ions and cleans the air, creating a forest fresh feeling.
It helps to prevent modern diseases.
- Special polymer vacuum coating
Special polymer vacuum coating allows the air cleaner to be safely washed with water.

- Low maintenance cost (1.5W)
Guarantees the lowest electric charge even with continous use.
Also it does not need filter charge (no filter) .

(How to use)
- Use Airvita conveniently by connecting to ceiling or lighting sockets.
- You can use Airvita with incandescent bulbs.
- Airvita purifies the air when negative ions are released as the light is turned on.

(How to clean)
No disassembly required for cleaniing. Airvita is the first electronic product that can be cleaned by
being immersed and agitated in water.

room, bedroom, office, restaurant, bathroom, etc. anywhere.