Sell Small Wind Power Generator

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SN series of wind turbines by the ultra-high intensity of precision engineering plastic injection molding, wind round the smooth and quiet operation. Round of the wind through the airfoil aerodynamic experts from well-designed, with very low start-up with the starting point, high wind energy utilization efficiency and to take leaves according to their own aerodynamic effect to prevent any wind speed conditions.

SN series of high-quality high-strength permanent magnetic materials, generators, small size, light weight and high power generation efficiency. Electrical experts unique electromagnetic design techniques to create the generator has a tiny start-up resistance torque, would effectively guarantee SN series in the breeze will be able to run. SN series all use high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting parts and stainless steel precision parts, the whole lightweight machine. Widely used in -30 0 ~ 60 0 temperature, high humidity, wind and other sand and salt spray environment, with extremely high reliability.

SN series of elegant, easy to install. Guarantee you in any adverse weather conditions can enjoy clean energy at the same time to bring a touch of your beautiful scenery Landscape!