Sell Smart Card/PVC Paper Card

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Smart Card
By using smart card, riders no longer will have to fumble for exact change or keep track of complicated fares. The Card will mean no more waiting in lines to buy tickets, tokens or passes, and less congestion at fare collection points, and various programs allow riders to automatically transfer value from their bank accounts or credit cards to their Smart Card, where conventional fare payment points presented physical barriers, to using public transportation systems
 Magnetic Stripe Card for toll collection (300 Oe/Lo-Co, 2750 Oe/Me-Co, 4000 Oe/Hi-Co) , Parking Tickets, Bus/Train Tickets, Top-Up cards, Contactless Cards.

***Promotional & Membership Cards***

Promotional phone cards are a unique and effective business marketing tool for creating brand recognition. Logo, trademark, symbol and/or company information is printed on promotional cards for advertising and this is best way to display brand loyalty to keep your customers coming back. We can help you provide the best, readily available, promotional cards to further increase your brand recognition. The promotional phone cards are generally used to Build Loyalty and Customer Retention, Support Sales Promotion, Increase Brand Awareness, Tradeshows Giveaways, Fund Raising, Conduct Surveys, Drive Web traffic to your URL, Political Campaigns, Encourage Product Trials, Advertise almost everything, In-Pack and On-Pack Promotions, Support Product Rollouts etc.
 Golf Club Cards/Tags, Frequency Cards, Membership Cards, Loyalty Cards, Game Cards, Ringtone Cards, Frequency Cards, Prepaid Vehicle Service Cards, Vehicle ID cards, Business Card, Promotional Cards, Club Cards, Custom Cards, Discount Cards, Warranty Cards, Store Cards, Lottery Tickets.

***Plain/Blank Cards***

Blank White Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC) /Plastic (ABS) Cards - Polished Surface. With or without Magnetic Stripe, with or without Chip, with or without lamination.

***Public Telephony & Internet Cards***

The cards are produced in any format and for any market. Different types of laminations are used like thermal lamination, PVC film lamination or Holographic lamination. Printing is protected by transparent foil. Scratch-off panels are applied as per customer requirement like holographic panels or hot stamp panels etc. Holograms, microprinting, guilloches and other security features are available upon request.
 PVC Cards, Plastic Cards, Paper board Cards, Embossed cards, Punch-out Cards, Lamination (Matte, Glossy, Oil finish) and without Lamination.
 Pre-paid Phone Cards (with and without Personalization) , Scratch-Off Cards, Smart Cards, Chip Cards (S50, SLE4428, SLE4442, SLE4436, SLE5536) , Payphone Cards, Internet Cards.

Supply Capacity
3 to 8 Million per month
ISO 9001, Visa/Master
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