Sell Smart Card Attendance & Access Control JS168

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JS168 is integrated with time recorder, PWD door controller, single-door controller, reader with English character display and double door controller.
One build-in card reader, two sets of W26 interface, two sets of sensor input, two sets of open button input, two sets of relay output, one set of bell port and one set of RS485 communication interface. English Menu port with backlight; display the owner's name and work number, send public short message and personal short message; the alarm supporting working day setting, set equipment parameter by keyboard, off-line operation, support 2500 card holders, store 25000 pieces of card reading information and alarm event and network with 255 machines.
Flexible application can re-define the I/O interface. For example, W26 port will be defined as W26 standard output or input, the relay can be defined as door controller, bell or alarm output, the sensor can be defined as fire ALM signal.
Professional door controller functions: 32 time periods/64 time sets/16 application groups/8 types of holidays/validity period for card; when the hard is off-line, there are two layers of A. P. B protection; Only PIN, only card and card & PIN are available; soft control of any door, various alarm incidents functions: open time-out, close time-out, intrude alarm, force alarm, burglar alarm and fire ALM etc.
*Data saving: Ten years (after power failure)
*Off-line capacity: 25000 pieces (adjustable)
*Card control: 2500 pieces (adjustable)
*Card type: EM card (MIFARE is optional)
*Working voltage: 8-25VDC
*Power consumption: <3W
*Induction distance: 0-5cm
*Reading speed: 0.15 second
*Communication mode: RS485
*Networking capacity: 255 sets
*Working temperature: -20  60 Degree
*Working humidity: 20%--0%
*Storage temperature: 40 --85 degree
*LCD display: 22*32DOTS
*Dimension: L120*W88*H18 mm
*Weight: 160g