Sell Smart Dog In-ground Pet Fencing Device

Smart Dog In-ground Pet Fencing Device You May Also Be Interested In: pet fencing
Keep your dog safe from rambling and traffic without taking his freedom. A safe and easy system to in-stall. A boundary wire is placed around the area in which you want to enclose your dog. This wire runs from a small unit that is plugged into a power-point. There is no electricity in the wire what so ever. A receiver is placed on the dog. The boundary wire emits a radio frequency. When the dog approaches the boundary the collar picks up the frequency and beeps to let the dog know that he has reached the border. If the dog proceeds a correction or stimulation is applied.

The system is capable of enclosing up to 5 acres and comes with enough wire to enclose about a half acre (150 meters of wire ) . Extra wire is all that is needed to extend the boundary and it can be bought from us in 100 meters rolls.
1>Pet fencing device with pulsed proportional stimulus
2>Progressive tone stimulus
3>Low battery consumption
4>Speed detection anti-run through
5>Audible wire break alarm
6>Visual wire break alarm
7>Variable field width control
8>Can be expanded for yards up to 5 acres with the purchase of additional wire/flag kits (sold separately)
9>Quick disconnect terminals
10>Packing dimensions: 190 x 300 x 65mm