Sell Smoke X - Ultimate Stop to Smoking within 1 month

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There are 4 products in the Smoke-X pack which provide different types of benefit and effectiveness:

(1) Nicotine Cleanse : When the user first stops smoking, the desire to smoke begins. Nicotine Cleanse (Anti-Addiction product) acts as an eraser which stops the craving for a cigarette. Directions for use : on the first day of the program when you want to quit smoking, take Nicotine Cleanse with an egg yolk and drink some water. Repeat this for few days.

(2) Smokers Aroma Inhaler: When you breathe in Smokers Aroma Inhaler , the pleasant-smelling aroma travels through the nasal passages to the brain. Here, it changes the body's chemistry in a subtle but powerful way - and helps eliminate the craving for cigarettes! The aroma from Smokers Aroma Inhaler quitting liquid helps you reject the need to taste tobacco! After all, it's not your lungs that crave nicotine, it's your brain that has to be satisfied! With this product you can help your brain to reject the temptation of nicotine. The Smokers Aroma Inhaler occupies a time frame of approximately 2-3 minutes replacing the craving for a cigarette and subsequently combating the addiction process. Directions for Use: Carry the Inhaler along with you. Whenever you feel you want to smoke, just inhale that aroma for a few seconds!

(3) Nasal Drops: When you breathe in during smoking the smoke will enter your brain within 6 seconds through the nasal passages. The first places to get affected by 4,000 types of poison are your nasal passages, sinuses and brain. Just estimate the quantity of smoke that affects these important areas every day. By using Nasal Drops , you can cleanse your sinuses, nasal passages and even your brain from toxins that have been carried there by the smoke. Within a few days you will feel more comfortable, you will feel peace of mind and your life will be happier. Direction for Use: Take twice a day, in the morning and at night before sleep.

(4) NT Craving (Detoxification) : To stop smoking the user must be cleansed of the nicotine the body has stored. NT Craving simply removes the nicotine and flushes it out of the body. The body would rid itself of this stored nicotine naturally once a person quits tobacco use, but it could take many months. During that time, a former tobacco user would be vulnerable to the body demanding that its nicotine be replenished. Also, it is essential to rid the body of all the nicotine. To make sure the body is freed from nicotine, the user should consume this product for at least 1 month. Strictly follow the instructions. Directions for Use: Take NT Craving along with you. Whenever you feel you want to smoke, just put a few drops on your tongue and slowly suck in. Do not dilute with water.