Sell Snow Shovel G810

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Products Specifications:
1) Sizes:
a) Width: 40cm
b) Height: 32cm
2) Top side is sheet aluminum edged, 0.6mm
3) Wooden handle size: 3.2 x 105cm
4) Total length: 1.40m
5) Material: PP

Outer packing:
Carton dimensions: 131 x 41 x 24cm

Shovel is a tool with a handle and a broad blade, used for digging and moving material, such as dirt or snow. This mechanical device or vehicle is used for heavy digging or excavation.

Shovel is available in various styles including  long handled round point, long handled square point, D handled round point, and D handled square point.

Long handled square point : This kind of blade is similar to long handled, round point types, in construction and quality but has less cutting power than round point. It is useful in scooping and removing materials.
"D" handled round point : These blades are recommended for ordinary garden digging jobs.

"D" handled square point : This type of shovel is used for removal of loose soil and handling light materials such as sand. This type of shovel is not useful for heavy digging.