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Brief Introduction:
LTCX-8-1 Snow Sweeper is suitable for removing snow and scattering salt on high-grade roads, city roads, and roads of airport, public square and scenic spots. After the snowing season, the snowing shovel can be replaced by watering equipments to sprinkle water and wash the guardrails.

1. Removing snow, scattering snowmelt mixture, sprinkling water and other functions.
2. The chassis is of skid-proof tires with strong adhesion and runs safely.
3. Snow shovel has functions of shoveling snow, tossing snow, and automatically avoiding barriers to ensure the safety of road surface, well covers, drivers, and working truck.
4. The snow shovel weighs 960KG, which makes the blade have sufficient cutting force. It also helps promote the snow removing effect and will not bring about harmful effects to the direction shifting performance of the truck.
5. It is easy to assemble and disassemble the snow shovel without any assisting tools, but a single man can do it in 3-5 minutes, which is useful for the transporting of the truck and reducing the floor space of the storehouse.
6. Belts delivering way is adopted in the scattering system. There will not be snowmelt mixtures blocking phenomenon. The scattering quantity of the snowmelt mixture can be controlled manually or automatically.
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