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Because the SoapMAX allows you to achieve the maximum use of your liquid or powder laundry detergent, only 10%* of the detergent you normally use in your washing machine is needed. The best part is that the SoapMAX lasts a lifetime and will pay for itself through savings in detergent costs IN JUST A FEW MONTHS! Using less detergent means you will also be doing your part to save our environment.
The market for the SoapMAX is vast and includes everyone that washes their laundry in washing machines. Every home owner can benefit from using the SoapMAX for laundry.
The process SoapMAX employs is a specially designed flow-through magnetic capacitor with opposite polarities, separated by a tuned resonance gap through which water flows. Initially, a massless particle mixes with a magnetic catalyst, in a controlled magnetic field, which becomes heavy and acts on particles that transmit force. This action in turn affects the surface tension and zeta potential of the water, which increases its solubility. This result is vast emulsification potential.
There is no installation needed. Just drop the SoapMAX into your washing machine
and begin saving money. The SoapMAX allows you to turn your washing machine into
a cash machine!