Sell Socks Knitting Machine

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Main features:

1. One main feed plus five colors feeds in the same course. (3.75")
One main feed plus four colors feeds in the same course. (3.5")
2. Possibility of 11-13 color plus ground or the one sock.
3. Drumless, fully electronic control system.
4. Exclusive inner cam block system for high speed.
5. Stepping motor for elastic yarn and stitch cam control.
6. Electro-pneumatic yarn finger and cam control.
7. Pattern Depth up to 1,200 courses.
8. Multiple stop motion sensors in case of error.
9. Automatic re-cycling oiler, counter, and reset function.
10. Attached floppy disk driver (Compatible with MS-DOS and WINDOWS)
11. Available in 380V.3phase 50/60Hz.
12. Fully A. C Servo motor adopted.
13. Minimized and easy operating function.
14. Internal UPS can support continuous knitting.
15. Graphic type LCD adopted.
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