Sell Sodium Citrate

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Product Name: Sodium Citrate
Molecular Formula: Na3C6H5O72H2O
Molecular Weight: 294.10
Chemical Structure:

It is inodorous and taste salt, it will lose crystal water at 150C, and decompose at more high temperature. It is soluble in water and insoluble in ethanol.

Specifications: BP93, BP98, USP24
Items Unit Specifications
Appearance Colorless or White Crystalline Powder
Identification Pass
Acidity and Basicity Pass
Clarity and Color of Solution Pass
Content % 99.2-100.5
Water % 11.0-13.0
Heavy Metal PPM 5max
Oxalate PPM 100max
Chlorite PPM 10max
Sulphate PPM 150max
Readily Carbonized Substance Pass
Tartrate Pass
Arsenic PPM 0.5max
Lead PPM 5max
Particle Size Pass
Heat Source Pass
Transparency Pass

Sodium Citrate is used to enhance flavor and maintain stability of active ingredients in food and beverage. In detergent industry, It can replace sodium tripolyphosphate as a kind of safe detergent. It can also be used in fermentation, Injection and photography.
Packing: 25kg net in bag, 22mt per 20ft container
Storage: Store in cool, dry and ventilated place.