Sell Sodium Fluoride

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Product name: Sodium Fluoride
Molecular Formula: NaF
Molecular Weight: 41.99
CAS Registry Number: 7681-49-4

Appearance: Crystal particle form or powder form
Content of sodium fluoride: >=98%
Content of sodium carbonate: <=0.5%
Content of silicon dioxide: <=0.5%
Sulfate(SO4-2) : <=0.1%
Acidity(HF) : <=0.1%
Insoluble substance in water: <=0.7%
Water(H2O) : <=0.5%

Use: Sodium Fluoride(NaF) is a kind of important villiaumite, mainly used as flux of metal smelting, pesticide, ceramic color, wood preservative, water treatment agent and light metal villiaumite electroanalysis; as UF3 sorbent in nuclear industry and materials for producing other fluorides.

Packing: Polyethylene woven bag lined with plastic bag, NW: 25kg, or on the clients' requirements.