Sell Sodium Hyaluronate External Medical Grade

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HA can improve the ocular bioavailability of the drug by increasing the viscosity of solution and prolonging the time of the drug in the eye, relieve drug stimulation, increase eye drops lubrication and comfort. HA has excellent biotolerability with ocular tissue, and can be used in many kinds of external medicine.

Product name: Hyaluronic acid external medical grade
Appearance: White powder or pellets
Hyaluronic acid content: 90-105%
Glucuronic acid content: 45% min
pH(0.1% solution) : 6.0-7.5
Transmission(0.1% solution) : 99% min
Molecular weight: 800000-2000000D
Property viscocity: 1600 min
Protein: 0.1% max
Heavy metal(Pb) : 20ppm max
As: 2ppm max
Endotoxin: 0.5 EU/mg max
Baterial: 10cfu/g max
Fungi and Yeast: 10cfu/g max.
Package: 100g sealed plastic bottles