Sell Sodium Hyaluronate Food Grade

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HA is a natural intrinsic substance of the skin. Additional out-source HA may act as a supplement to the intrinsic HA of the skin. Because the lower relative molecular weight can penetrate through the surface of the skin and accelerate the nutritional supply of the skin and the excretion, so that it can prevent the skin from ageing. That means that HA may function as a cosmetic substance as well as a nutrient.
Oral HA can increase HA content in human body, supply deficiency of HA. By digesting and absorbing HA, skin can be made moist, smooth, soft and rich spring. Oral HA can defer crowd senility; prevent arthritis, arteriosclerosis, plus disorder and brain atrophy. Oral HA can make one full of beans and be rich in youth energy.

Product name: Hyaluronic acid foods grade
Appearance: White to light yellow powder
Hyaluronic acid content: 90-105%
Glucuronic acid content: 45% min
pH(0.1% solution) : 6.0-8.0
Transmission(0.1% solution) : 99% min
Molecular weight: 800000-1800000D
Protein: 0.1% max
Heavy metal(Pb) : 20ppm max
As: 2ppm max
Baterial: 100cfu/g max
Fungi and Yeast: 10cfu/g max.
Package: 1kg double deck aluminium foil