Sell Sodium Hypophosphite

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Sodium Hypophosphite often applied as reductant in non-electrical deposition of nickel (Nickel Chloride, buffers. ) It builds complexes with the nickel in the bath, improving the fineness of the surface after treatment.

Our plant have the strong ability on production and quality process control, we can assure the constability of quality in different lots, and make the improvement according to the request of customer.

The specification of our product is as below,

Item Specification
Sodium Hypophosphite >101%
(NaH2PO2. H2O)
Sodium Phosphite(Na2HPO3) <0.3%
Calcium(Ca) <0.001%
Sulfate(SO4) <0.01%
Chloride(Cl) <0.01%
Iron(Fe) <0.0003%
Lead(Pb) : <0.0001%
Arsenic(As) : <0.0001%
Heavy Metals <0.0005%
pH value(5% m/m Solution)