Sell Sodium Metabisulphite

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Molecular formula: Na2s2o5
Appearance: white or yellowish crystal powder
Packing:woven bag, plastic bag lining.

Net Weight:25kg /bag 50kg /bag 1000kg /bag

Content:Na2s2o5~97%, water insoluble~0.01%, Fe%~0.002%, As%<0.0002%.
Quality standard: HG/T 2826-1997
Industial grade main purpose:
Dyeing mordant, dechlorinating agent for washed fabric, medical deoxidizer and sulfonating agent, bone black for bamboo, wood and paper fiber, non-ferrous mineral separation agent, waste water disposing agent, rubber coagulator.
Quality standard: GB1893-86
Food grade main purpose:
Bleaching agent(for sugar, pastry, dried slices of tender bamboo shoots, etc ) , loosening agent(for bread, biscuit, etc ) , corrosion protection antiseptic(fruit juice, can, etc ) , antioxidant(for lily flower, sea food, fruit, vetegable, etc ) .
Brand Name
Supply Capacity
25000ton Per Month
Available Colors
Minimum Order Quantity
1 ton
Terms of Payment
L/Cat sight T/T
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