Sell Sodium Metasilicate nonanhydrous

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Sodium Metasilicate nonanhydrous
Formula: Na2SiO379H2O
Na2O % : 20.0~23.5
SiO2 % : 19.0~23.5
Fe % : <=0.05
Water insolube % <=0.30
Whiteness % : >=70
Character: High dissolution rate also in cold water, good-free flowability granules, high whiteness, negligible insoluble residue, high mechanical strength, low dust content.
[ Property & Use ]
Sodium metasilicate has strong alkalinity and good buffering capacity. It can neutralize acidic dirt, emulsify grease and oil, and provide corrosion proofing to metals. It is a basic material for the detergent industry, widely used in domestic/industrial detergent, food cleaner, metal cleaner, washing carbonated drink bottles, printing aid for textile, deinking recycled paper, etc.